Plant Construction Buildings

HDT seminar of earthquake building on 10 June 2013 in food provides security deepen understanding of earthquake influence on industrial plants, bridges and high-rise buildings in the standard application according to DIN 4149/EC8 for structures, structural engineers and design engineers and through case studies and practical tips are safer in the interpretation under earthquake effect lives not only by the collapse of bridges and buildings very vulnerable, but in particular also by the failure of industrial plants: They have an increased risk of damage due to large potential damage. For international shipments, the customer often requires an earthquake proof of installations and structures, it is however unclear on what basis this is to be provided. Earthquake seminar building for structures in plant construction, buildings and bridges according to DIN 4149/EC8, that offers the House of technology on June 10, 2013 in Essen, informed the expert Prof. Dr.-ing. Peter dumplings, Ingenieurburo Dr.

dumplings, Ettlingen about the essence of the Earthquake effects on industrial plants and buildings from the geological formation of earthquakes, the description of earthquake loads up to fundamentals of structural dynamics. He presents the standards for the detection of earthquakes and draws attention to those cases, are unable to meet the requirements of the standards. Discusses on special issues of the standard application in the plant construction, case examples and practical tips give additional support in questions of interpretation structural engineers and design engineers. The current VCI guide 2012 “the load case earthquakes in the construction” will be taken into account.