Paint Color

The painting is responsible for protecting the surfaces of home, both indoors and outside, covering to doors, Windows, furniture, walls and even different soils of wood and other materials. Either of a specific or transparent color, such as varnishes, lacquers or waterproofing. The painting is also the basis of interior decoration, starting from the choice of colours for each home environments is continuous with fabrics, furniture and decorative accessories that will culminate the work of interior design. Colors affect mood of the occupants of the House, in the feelings and the perception of space. Therefore choose the colours to promote work in the Office, in the bedroom and in the different areas of home rest is essential to not create unwanted climates.

Colors and the amplitude of the environments it is known that the tones and clear and preferably cold create a visual sensation of amplitude of spaces. This warm and dark colors are used in tight spots, instead reduced environments. It is very common to paint ceilings white to visually move away the roof of the observer and make less burdensome inside, instead another tonality can be used in very high ceilings more dark. Cold and warm colors warm shades are preferred in cold climates to provide a cosy feeling in the interiors, accompanying it with wooden floors and warm lights. Instead the cold tones, colors Blue, blue, green, and white is preferred in warm climates to provide feeling of freshness. Always personal tastes as colors should privilege to choose, while maintaining a harmony in the whole of the House or apartment. Some recommend that at least 2 thirds of the housing is of identical color, highlighting each environment with a different color only on a wall or plug-ins. Learn how to paint all the rooms in your House, painting techniques, colors and technical and recommended combinations of decor in PintoMiCasa.