Other States

The year 2008 has the citizens and citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany abgefodert process that much. Bank failures, financial losses and losses of tax money, for example HypoRealEstate Bank, KfW bank, regional banks, triggering complaints from small investors who lost their nest egg and demanded emergency victims in Manager circles. The laws on combating such crime are present, but only they must also be applied. So but laws and regulations were decided newly conceived, rejected or after decision again failed. Tighten the belt the Germans have now learned.

Average 5 per month more was granted to pensioners and health-care reform 2009 calls for a higher post in nine out of ten cases, the contribution to 9 euros per month on average will rise for pensioners. In the new year 2009 will need to prove once, what actual impact the year 2008 will bring. It will very quickly show whether the right measures, adopted to anyone no longer with large Worry lines on the forehead or head-shaking that must consider federal world. Other States will focus their gaze on Germany and that is why all working together to ensure must provide and make every effort, not further damaging Germany’s reputation in the world. One should perhaps even look outside the box. Other countries take good and effective measures that create new opportunities for the population. However, optimism is announced, because tackling and the new start have always dominated citizens in Germany. The German rule of law and all the Germans are known for their reliability. To all this must let us measure so 2009, because expectations not only in the own population are high. The editors of Internet Courier.com wishes all readers and readers a happy and prosperous 2009