New Knut In Nuremberg – Animals Or Advertising?

The little polar bear baby in the Zoo of Nurberger divides the nation. It’s love for animals or just a clever advertising strategy? Germany has a new Knut! Nurberger Zoo, three small polar bears were born four weeks ago. This is a joyful message. Less encouraging is that the mother killed two of their babies. But it is, so in nature. The animal knows exactly what boys in the wilderness survival and sorted out the weak.

This is a completely normal thing. It was also at Knut. Of the world’s most famous polar bear Knut superstar has been his mother violated and would have died without the help of the people. Everyone will know the story of the heroic nurse who sacrificed himself and made the most popular animal of Berlin Zoo’s baby polar bear, the small and fragile. It broke out in the capital of a true Knut hysteria and spread all over the world. Knut – stuffed animals, Knut T-shirts, Knut poster – everything was somehow turned into cash.

So were millions of viewers to stop the small, cuddly polar bears and brought money into the empty coffers of the Zoological Garden’s. new Knut? Is from the Nuremberg polar bear baby a new Knut? “Zoo Vice Helmut Macklam was still heartless on January 4: If the mother animals die their children, who must die.” When the polar bear Lady Vera but a short time later had killed two of their babies, the opinions of the Zoo operator changed abruptly. On January 8, the only surviving baby in a dramatic rescue from the cave was brought and should be raised now, as once Knut with the bottle. Animals discovered? Where does this sudden change of mind? Polar bear Lady Vilma had their young havent, there was criticism. It wanted to avoid the Zoo apparently, or was it suddenly occur love for animals? I don’t think. For me, the case is clear. The Verantwortllichen have once just considered and calculated. A new Knut can bring the Zoo millions and finance for years. Small Tierbabies are all popular, what the example Knut very impressive proves. The Zoo can do with appropriate marketing to star a new polar bear. Lacking only a name for the little polar bear girl, then the show can begin.