Moving Properties

Cargo transportation in Moscow and regions of closed side of the pyramid. Moving offices, condominiums, cottages, professional packers movers team collectors of furniture. Operatively is not expensive, good quality. Moving any complexity for any distance. Professional movers. Assembly and disassembly, packing, rigging, Any work 200r/chas.

Order a / m and 2 on a loader 2:00 = 2600r. At 4 hours = 3200r.Dalee 800r/chas. All prices are REAL, no nakrutok, floors, and the number of items not believe. Pay only hourly is not dependent on the availability of an elevator. Call: 8 (495) 507-65-29 Cottage, cottage, cottage to move furniture at Dacha is sometimes very difficult zadachey.Chasto road to the cottage, or dacha entrances to the cottage settlements lead through forest, field where only a broken dirt doroga.Kak in such a situation dovezti furniture in a cargo van and not hurt her? With our porters on cars equipped with it will not slozhno.Hrupkie items will be packed in Bubble wrap and packed in boxes, all cabinets, drawers, bed, fridge, mirrors will be packed with stretch film and the van will be secured with belts and shifted cushioning materialom.Lyubye road at any rasstoyanie.Vasha furniture and personal belongings will not be damaged even with a strong shaking or rolling the car. Summer move with us will be easy and not tiring. If you can not drive to close Your private home, our movers will not require additional fees for long-range transport of things. Moving to suburban fixed prices, you only pay for hours worked and distance from Moscow to your country house.

There was a need in the room moving? We can help you! At your request we will make the disassembly and packing of furniture, furnishings, personal effects and household appliances, to plunge all the cars and drive to a new apartment. We provide transportation of goods within Moscow and Moscow region. At your service vehicles and personnel movers, who will provide all the nuances of housing relocation. This will allow to transport goods in the shortest possible time and is perfectly safe for your property. PLEASE NOTE THAT FOR ALL TYPES OF WORK UNIFORM Hourly VEHICLE AND loader at the new location will fly all and carefully arranged in accordance with your wishes. Room moving with us will be for you an easy and enjoyable. All of our workers (porters) have a residence in Moscow or the Moscow region, drivers are professionals with great work experience. Our efficiency in work you will be pleasantly surprised. We guarantee the quality and sensitivity at room moving services and movers! In our fleet there are cars to move any size and slozhnosti.My choose to move your best avtomobil.Esli you carry only personal belongings in boxes and bags from the bottom-bedroom apartment, you will be quite a / m Hyundai Porter with a loader. For transportation several pieces of furniture personal effects, household appliances, with the High Gazelle van is fine. Moving to multi-room apartments, office relocation, we use only equipped with furniture of our furgony.V Your car stuff, furniture, household appliances and office equipment will be stacked and arranged by professional loaders, so that would not hurt, does not bruise or scratch any of the transported items.