MDF Door

Laminate flooring at a low price is a qualitative and very beautiful stuff. It is very aesthetic, creates a good heat and sound insulation is quite resistant to external influences. However, do not recommend using this type of cladding on the street doors – these panels are only slightly withstand temperature extremes. Antistatic laminated panels, steady to spots, relatively ustochivy scratch. MDF MDF humidity resistant, retains its shape during temperature fluctuations, and resistant to mechanical influences and is less susceptible to various deformations, cracking. A lack of bonding resins and, therefore, formaldehyde, can be attributed to the MDF environmentally friendly materials.

Finishing MDF panels with simulated tree structure looks natural and beautiful, so this finish is one of the most common. Panel from MDF, veneered wood veneer of fine wood or painted enamel, are an excellent material for the realization of the most interesting design ideas. And with a relatively small price, he has obviously not a cheap form, which makes products from this material particularly popular. Imitation leather imitation leather – an artificial and inexpensive material for interior doors. Wide range of colors vinyl artificial leather will make even an inexpensive metal door beautiful.

Imitation leather – synthetic surface that has a wide range of colors, strong enough having the heat and sound insulating properties. Drawback of this material – it susceptible to rupture (sharp objects can easily damage the coating). But this “negative” offset affordable material, if necessary, it can be replaced. This natural solid oak and high-grade material is considered to be elite in the door trim, and not only. Installing a door would not only security, will protect against attacks on the lives and property but also to decorate the house. Solid oak is carefully processed before they become material for finishing: wood covered with a special protective lacquer that will prevent the door from the damaging effects of sunlight, not allowing a noble wood change color neutralizes the impact of weather conditions. Therefore, the door with solid oak will be a very long time please its nobility and durability. Source – site metal doors in Minsk.