Manage Your Time, A Value To People

It is the art of serving to the benefit of individuals and societies. As there is no time itself, time management is the administration itself, the proper management of resources in any order, since there is no single reality that removes the time. Time is like a drop of water that evaporates. We can not physically capture or enclose it to make it ours. Time management is an illusion, because no one can really manage time. Time is a constant. A measure of intervals.

Regardless of who we are or what we are trying to achieve, time continues to move at the same pace. We will continue to use the expression "Time management" to identify our efforts to use our available time with some meaning. Time management really means managing ourselves, so that we can optimize the time we have. It means conducting our affairs within the time available for us to achieve more effective results. Must Note that efficiency is more important than efficiency. The goal should be to achieve objectives, not just be busy. Many people operate under the mistaken belief that they would have time for everything, if only they could organize their time more efficiently. The result is often an attempt to perform their tasks more quickly, reasoning that if they could be fast enough, could have spare time.

Of course, this strategy rarely works and how to use the weather is very poor. Too often, work quickly causes problems. Working under pressure make more mistakes, less time to think, plan and reflect before making decisions to solve problems.