Internet Services

Although it declared abusive clauses in Internet services. The magistrate has been partially estimated collective demand that lodged in March the OCU against both financial institutions. Judge protects in a report of the Bank of Spain to hold that the clause floor cannot be considered abusive. When users were winning the battle against clauses soil of mortgages (increasingly more sentences condemn coming from banks and savings banks), comes a sentence that gives reason to banking. A Madrid judge has declared abusive clauses of BBVA and Banco Popular in their Internet services, but instead has validated the soil clauses.

It has been the Juzgado de lo Mercantil number 9 for Madrid has declared void 22 clauses of mortgages and other products of BBVA and Banco Popular by having an abusive and infringing the rights and interests of consumers, although it has validated the use of so-called clauses soil. Judge Javier Yanez has been partly estimated the collective demand that lodged in March the Organization of consumers and users (OCU) against both financial entities, which required that they set aside 51 alleged unfair terms present in five separate contracts. For BBVA sentence demonstrates that banks enjoy freedom to fix the rate of interest to be perceived or how to establish it. In a statement, the Bank chaired by Francisco Gonzalez has stressed that the Madrid Court’s decision is the second that supports the imposition of this minimum interest paid on mortgages, after which dictated the mercantile court number 2 of Alicante on 8 June. A minimum of 3% or 4.5% the judge not considered disproportionate clauses soil applied by BBVA and Popular, which consist in establishing a minimum interest for mortgage holders, which in recent years has proved superior to the Euribor, which has harmed them. In the case of BBVA, the minimum interest was 3%, compared to a maximum of 15%, while the Popular forced to the customers pay a minimum of 4.5%.