Lucas 12 -35 the 39 – You need to be prepared: cingidos shoulders and lighted candeia – To be intent, as who wait a special party. – To remain watching, therefore this alcanaro well aventuranas. – To remember that you do not know the hour to give accounts, we will serve the Mr., is necessary before searchs it with fervor. It searchs it while it is close. many times we limit in them to be only listeners, but we run away from the practical one of the Word of God. We condition our minds to be only the useless servant, who nothing makes, that nothing he adds and that, if plays, still stops the Workmanship of God. Clearly that we have the confidence of that nothing in fact hinders the Cause Saint.

Chance to make God places in our way some chances of needs inside to exert some works of its Workmanship. We must faces faces them with maturity, to deliver to us they to it, exactly that in them it seems small tasks, therefore in the Workmanship Mr. does not have nothing small. You can think, as I already thought, that he could be and another place, but I do not have place in the world that I more want to be that it is not the House of my God. Here, beyond serving, to help my next one, to pray so that lives are transformed, to change lives with the Word that leave my mouth, of being useful to my God and that is what it matters. God says with us for the Bible God speaks with us for the Bible, speaks in the Pregao, the louvores and even speaks for the conjunct. Its power is limitless, but you go to need its comodismo, its zone of comfort and if to deliver, to make the Workmanship or being imapctado for the Word. For Elisabeth Lorena in Message Fernando Isaiah