To stay longer wet towel can be added to the water rinse regular table salt. Gowns – fashion. In the 70's and 80's, when the country has not had sex, all women's magazines wrote that the main cause of male indifference – Women's gowns. Now, if a woman once loved to defile the house in an evening dress or even would be in jeans, her husband until golden wedding would not drink beer, watched a TV lying on the couch, only to be engaged and that repairing the cranes, said the compliments tolerate the trash and doing another (no less serious) male work. In the 90s, Soviet women were surprised to discover that the heroine of Hollywood movies go through the house in robes …

and while they have nice husbands and lovers, rich, and life in general have been established. The current generation of normal perceives robes even in the street and in the office. However, "negligence in culture" in the middle zone of Russia is not developed. Fashion for the robes is virtually nonexistent. Beach attire we confuse with the home and dressing gown – with a cape. Let's take a look at where and what should be a decent woman. It's not in fashion, "granny" colors (small pink flowers), and cotton.

Buttons in the home version is also not welcome: robe has a smell or a belt. Everything else depends on the features robe. This woman should have in the locker room at least 3 home gown: bathrobe, dressing gown and robe-dress.