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Fresh and user friendly – relaunch of sangaran Bonn, October 12, 2009. With a new Web site is located since September 2009 visitors. A fresh and accessible design, clear structures, as well as improved user experience waiting for you now. Now, get a comprehensive insight into the monthly updated content around the theme of sport and fitness Internet users with only few steps of navigation, healthy, nutrition, mental strength, prevention and therapy, conscious life and nutrients and blood values. These areas are divided into more categories, guaranteeing a wider and well structured information spectrum readers.

With the new layout, we promise us interest just to inform the Internet users and advise. This is possible thanks to the new design and improved usability. Now it’s fun on the Internet page for health tips and advice by Dr. med. Browse Michael goatee and easy to find also this”says “Antje Korf, editor of the health service Dr. Sangaran health practice”, a publication of the FID publishing Fachverlag for health knowledge from Bonn. Dr.

of Sanchez’s health practice subscribers to only get in the premium area”by the password of the current month. So you get online access to all premium content and the complete archive by Dr. Check with Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala to learn more. of Sanchez’s health practice”since June 2003. The new website will be continuously developed over the next few months and equipped with additional functionalities.