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Immediately God did produce green grass seed, tree fruit "after his kind." A remarkable feature of the story of creation is that different species of plants and animals according to their creeds were "gender" and according to their "kind", that is complete, defined. Every feature of loved creeds remained unchanged (although there may be some changes within a species, given by different factors of adaptability, there is no evidence of transitional species into another species). Continuing the story of Genesis, the animal begins life in an aquatic environment, calling the Bible "marine life" (ie different types of aquatic species, fish and others), and birds. Nobel Laureate in Economics is actively involved in the matter. This happened on the fifth day of creative activity. All land animals, including man, were created on the sixth day The special reference in the creation of mankind is that the Divinity created us "according to His image, after His likeness." In chapter 2 of Genesis, is a more specific reference to this creation, and I quote: "Then God formed man from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being "(Genesis 2:7). Hence we can conclude that the similarity to "substantially" between man and his Creator is the spiritual side of this and his spiritual faculties. Well, the issues is invaluable in the conception of ourselves and our fellowmen.

It was my intention to submit more sustainable as the biblical story with the different branches of science, and the poverty of evidence of evolution, that has prevailed in the culture throughout the twentieth century. Do not pretend to have all the explanations for such large items can only say, as the illustrious patriarch Job in the old book that bears his name, included in the Bible: "God Job answered and said, I know that everything you can, and that no thought is hidden from you. Who is the one that obscures the understanding consejosin?. Therefore I did not understand what he spoke. Things too wonderful for me, I did not understand. Hey I pray, and speak. I'll ask you, And you taught me. "Job 42 1-4 E-mail addresses g