Feng Shui House

Feng Shui translated means 'wind-water'. Wind is positioned as the vital energy of qi, that energy that runs through all space and all living creatures, water – that it collects. There are 2 versions of this trend: the laws internal and external environment. In a well-equipped premises, according to the laws of art will be good energy that will live harmoniously and successfully. Ideally, the life energy must take place freely, and it has be many. The Art of Feng Shui was discovered 5,000 years ago and has strongly influenced the development of culture and civilization of China.

In recent decades, scientists have shirokoestali popular in the West and in our country. Importantly, what helps a learned man – is to live in harmony with the environment. In the teachings of Feng Shui is often used almost all the house plants, but there are those who are given preference: – plant, with a magnificent round shape resembling green cap – plants with rounded leaves, rounded shape – a plant with flowers of large size and unusual colors – all kinds of vines, flowing, and others. unusual shape of the plant or the flashy big flower show his strength, the presence of positive energy that can give force to the house. Plants with thick and succulent round leaves (succulents) attracted to the house of wealth. This is the most popular form of leaves in China and Japan. A scandent or flowing plants are needed to correct defects in the premises. Frequently for this purpose use high plants, such as rubber plants or palm trees.

Sacred plants in Feng Shui are five garden of flowers, which produce at Human harmonizing effect. This is a peony. Today these five plants can often be seen in the house. Even the lotus, if conditions permit to create a greenhouse, a good living in the apartment. Chrysanthemum is a symbol of China joy. The strongest Restores power has chrysanthemum with lilac-purple flowers only when these flowers have a strong odor. Regal peony has long stood for wealth, because of this lush peony bush with lots of colors in the East, is treated as "cash treasure. Magnolia – a symbol of purity. It is a flower of sincerity. Orchid – a symbol of tenderness and love. Because of this, people wanted to keep an orchid house – it proved that there are no conflicts between spouses. Lotus – the divine flower. He is considered the epitome of spiritual growth, commitment to excellence. Very well, if your house will settle these wonderful southern plants. For some of them need create special conditions (lotus, orchid), others can grow beautifully on the balcony (magnolia, peony, as well as chrysanthemum).