Feng Shui and Housing

In fact the inhabitants of our planet is always aware that there is an original part of the world that is inaccessible to our reason and perception. And, of course, tried this kind of industry if you do not learn, then at least to apply its chances considering the specific logical chain. Ancient Chinese civilization has created a special branch of research in the field of cooperation between man and nature – the teachings of feng shui. The Taming of the negative energy, maintaining favorable to the tenants of energy flows and in general – especially ensuring a healthy environment for housing – is the main task of the device housing according to the norms laid down by Feng Shui. Today, in many apartments really find the talismans of love feng shui, not only make housing more attractive, but provide a more enjoyable life for the people. Making your home while taking advantage of mascots of Feng Shui, each able to verify the effectiveness of the simplest rules of such Chinese ideology. A variety of charms in feng shui, as well as in numerous other ancient esoteric ideologies that are used to protect every one of us or the house of negative energy around the world. For example, the Chinese fu dog – a wonderful gift, in principle, for every home.

In this pair one of the dogs is a male strong start, and the second – the female is weak. and while they, as well as the known compound of yin and yang, is a joint combination. But, most importantly in doggy yet their security capabilities – they protect the house and its inhabitants from the bad types of energy and unpleasant people. Not counting the presence of a pair of housing such dogs bring prosperity to its inhabitants money and success in all endeavors. Enjoy a significant demand in the current housing and a variety of means, used to concentrate in meditation.

At the moment, not only at home, but also many cafes and bars can be found suspension, called a touching expression of the "wind chimes" and created to your joy create the most pleasant interior atmosphere in the room. Not counting the more commonly used in homes and Buddhist singing bowls, creating a wonderful ancient art, which provides opportunity to create completely unique audio products. The leading feature of which is famous Tibetan singing bowls – it is possible to obtain a strong and versatile sound, if you rub a cup or hit her special pestle. Sounds like not only provides the ability to focus positive energy in the room, but at the same time and focus on the harmony of the person to person.