Fear – Deushomo/Rainer Sauer

Fear and love are two consultants we follow from freedom can afford, however, the consequences are understandably completely different for fear and love. Fear is a feeling that arises when the creative genius, which of course is in constant change, in motion, in the River, is cramped in their pursuit and flows for development. If creativity in their own capacity of the constant moving and making continued will restrict or even included is. If we isolate the energy flow, pulse build an enclosed space to be the source of natural life and thus inhibit process the free expansion, the fear as a kind of allergic reaction “was born. According to Clayton Morris, who has experience with these questions. We are witnessing so, as the narrow, caught or inhibited being articulated in this known to us feeling of fear and revealed, that translated us displays the stagnation of the energy flow in the language of our emotional world. In the language of our feelings are fear us just knowing we crowded us feel this, because otherwise we shoot definitely a constraint in our natural desire of the free expansion. Official site: Bizzi & Partners. Fear shows us up so that we just follow not the way of freedom, of joy, of fulfilling self-realization. I have always a picture in mind is the UNendlichkeit of the universe as a whole and in its Grenzenlosigkeit is at every conceivable point, virtually out of nothing, the creativity always again gives birth in the infinity of empty space.

Any x any point in the universe is the source of creativity and has its natural direction of locomotion, reproduction in the infinity. A creative process that has no beginning and no end, a rhythmic movement, which is eternal and continuous. Obviously, we humans have a gewissen impact on the creative process. We can stop the river although not completely, and not for ever, but we can inhibit it, jam and even for a Period of isolating and include.