Event Settings

A setting is not something that should be left to chance, on the contrary, is one of the most important factors upon which the success of an event. Identify a style in the interiors is what makes it genuine and that the guests feel really created a space for them and for you 1. Define the purpose of the event’s target is based on creating a mood, a feeling, what you will experience our guest? What we want to convey the concept that our honoree is identified?. The atmosphere is directly related to the spirit of the event. 2. The reason for the event: What is the reason or type of event. Social events: weddings, weddings, 15 years, baptism, communion, birthday, bar mitzvah, births, gatherings of friends Corporate events: presentation of a product (books, artwork). the opening of a place, a fashion show a political act, an informative talk, a conference or convention, a presentation of diplomas, a church, temple or shrine.

The list is immeasurable and the reason for the event is tied to the goal, to achieve whole-3 style. Depending on the style of the event then the motive and purpose of the event will create the style. For this is taken into account such factors as the theme of the party, ages of the guests, serve food, the shows, the place and will work in conjunction with the event organizer. 4. The physical space metric space, determines the location of the elements, how to provide what places are highlighted in May. The number of people, the flow of people if there is food, if you sit down to eat or trays, which means that people are standing or sitting. 6. Lighting is day If lighting is not included if it is outdoors.

If it’s night light plays an important role eg candles create a warm and even romantic, the lights also (pin) directional on certain elements to highlight. 7. The length determines when handling certain technical issues to how to work the flowers. For example, if the flowers are going to be without water How long? And what we can use and which not. Another example if the length of the candles themselves.