Don Quijote

The city became a Tower of Babel, its structure was not dea different languages but different smells. The feeling pleasant or foul with all its varieties. A Don Ariel thought to make a statistic as if nothing had happened, neighbors inquired what type of odor was perceived, then went to the cabin and recorded the data remembered. So every day. Over time, accumulated volumes of opinions, which analyzed and classified. I was struck by the variety of odors. Panic took hold of the city.

In the privacy of their homes, people felt as if the noise run over their consciences. Spring and summer passed glamorous seized the tourists and the terrified inhabitants. The extraordinary thing was that visitors did not hear the tac … tac … tac or smelled more beautiful than flowers in the gardens and squares.

Only in late autumn, when the forest exploding with color, balanced climate sunniest days, and give a little respite before they overwhelm with its rain and snow, the old Ariel made a decision, together with Don Quijote would rise when the noise and vowed not to rest until discover what or who produced it. Aided by these statistical inferences obtained with home, arrived at the personal characteristics of groups that felt similar odors. Like any human population, the city's noise had its virtues and sins, love secrets, mysterious crimes, cruelty, envy, a shout of solidarity, hatred, resentment, heroism. The old and the dog returned at dawn, exhausted, without discovering anything. At that time did not leave in the morning in their daily walk.