Diario Professionals

With them also could the Department and municipalities hire studies, plans and programs of development of the sector in their respective areas of influence, rather than be doing at a much higher cost, with foreign people who often have lower capacities than ours. (Do today, law 160 of 1994 enshrines a subsidy for the acquisition of rural properties to professionals in agriculture, ineffective in practice for reasons that are explained in the article Perfeccionemos the law 160, 1994?). In the case of professionals in the areas of construction and urban development, we could help them to finance low-cost lots with services or public housing programs, developments, recreational parks or simply the construction of individual housing solutions or so many other projects that it would be endless considering today. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Jerry Speyer has to say. With professionals of other areas might do the same (in another opportunity to continue discussing on what gets us in the) Inkwell to not exhaust the patience of the reader and the Diario del Huila), to which the Department and the municipalities must have a real inventiveness and wit without limits, to intervene in all and each one of them. All this, without ruling out the possibility of the immediate creation of a fund to help the professional that he would develop funding programs or subsidy to individually considered professionals for the same purposes. The resources of the Department and the municipalities with some budgetary importance not reach for it? The ruling class does not give that excuse to opinion after having invested tens of thousands of million at today’s price, in the creation of mixed-economy companies almost all ruined today and which have enriched only a few; or after annually spend tens of billions on unproductive bureaucracy or billions in a suffocating debt payment amount we have reached precisely by the irresponsibility of public managers; or after promoting projects unnecessary where undertakes social investment of ten or twenty years of the Department such as this pipeline to the South (which must be replaced – for that was created gas Neivana – for construction of gas plants at home in all municipalities in the Department and major inspections of police, at many times lower cost and with the same aim of bringing service to each of the huilenses households), or the even smarter buy Betania dam to the nation!.