Defender Homes

The defense must start your own home, your home. His first duty and obligation is the protection of their loved ones. I here to do this, a golden rule: The defense should be considered as a whole. Study it in its many aspects and not leave anything to chance or neglect. This is no principle will be as useful as this: If you want to know what risks they run their home and what danger zone contains, think like a thief, please place in your skin, change your perspective, and then ask yourself what would if I had to enter the house and steal valuables. This mental exercise will put you on the track, course you do with logic, to discover the vulnerable areas of your home. You know, then, what should be their behavior: ably with the strengthening such vulnerabilities. If you hesitate for a moment in the adoption of such measures, if he thought it was too much hassle, then we would just remind you, in substance, the danger we now all Mexicans living in a country of crime.

Protect doors and windows of the home is neither more nor less than the ABC of any rational defense. The first step to take. But what are the priorities of the danger? What points are to be the favorite of the thief or robber? No need to stress the importance of having well-defended doors and windows. With a marginal comment: while, do not neglect your attention to places like the basement or at the end of the balcony doors, as these are the result of about a tenth of cases the professional uses such vulnerable points enter your home. Do not forget, therefore, close both times, and especially at night before bedtime. To monitor doors and windows we encounter, in principle, with a serious obstacle: that the vast majority of them are made of fragile materials based resistance synthetic wood, metal, or very thin wood to give a good kick. For it off the hinges are extremely weak and Termination wretchedness and check the bolts are hand standardized systems, not to mention that panels and frames are offered no less weak, according to a cheap construction and irresponsible.

In short, a flirtatious invitation to theft. What else could feel like a thief? For this reason if you want a full security is important to keep your home taking into account what are the three enemies of a thief: Weather: If after 3-5 minutes has not penetrated the house, and discouragement arises offender prefers to abandon. Noise: The noise of people, radio or television and alarm systems are an invitation to escape. Safety Devices: The existence of security mechanisms become difficult and dangerous their actions, preferring to choose another victim. Do not forget that security measures can not miss home, especially if we want security. If our situation warrants, the best option is a private security team of all time is in the custody of our security. Finally one last warning: The security situation all, because if we risk the more we want nothing else matters.