Czech Republic

This amendment relates to the Czech Law on Foreign Exchange operations. After five years of grace received by the Czech Republic in 2004, the law on buying a home for foreigners with their grief by sex started. This means that any foreign person can acquire real estate or as previously using a legal entity, and to buy in person for themselves. In the Czech real estate inventory will be recorded on individual foreign person with all the rights of the owner. This is a step forward for obtaining a residence permit the Czech Republic, Although not a direct permission, simply own property in the Czech Republic dramatically changes the approach to a foreigner by the Consul of the Czech and foreign police during the reception and consideration of documents receipt of the Czech status.

Visa in the Czech Republic is assigned automatically when a foreign citizen owning real estate in the country and if there is a legal entity (company) registered in the Czech Republic. It is the presence firms in the Czech Republic grants the right to receive long-term residence permit. Exactly two years later completed a seven-year delay in land acquisition in the Czech Republic in the ownership of foreign individuals. Emigration Czech Republic to the procedure of registration of a residence permit in the Czech Republic and long-stay visa in the Czech Republic is becoming more simple and low budget. Dry the statistics of emigration to the Czech foreign citizens read. In 2008, all of ballot statements in the Czech consulate offices around the world was 649,497 pieces of them are positively reviewed by 584,688 units.