Cuckoo Clocks

It is unlikely that there are people who do not know what the cuckoo clock. Although for many people – it's the century before last, and is rarely seen in modern house once so popular with house clocks, cuckoo and the weights hanging from a chain. For the first time a novel solution – measure time intervals cuckoo – it occurred to the Italian Domenico Martinelli, who lived in the second half of the 17 century. But the first cuckoo clock appeared in the mid 18 th century and made their German wizard. Since then, the life of most Europeans firmly established these original arrangements privnosyaschie in many interior design ideas. Do cuckoos appeared small house in which she lives, traditionally rock bottom weights-buds, a lot of different melodies emerged to replace the traditional 'cuckoo'. In modern versions of clocks is provided 'night alert' for cuckoos – worth sensor to do so that night bird hassled every hour hosts. So far no accident increased in recent years interest in such attributes of the Archaic as outdoor clocks and cuckoo clocks. Thanks to them, you can increase the feeling of comfort in a modern interior.