Color for Homes

Shades of blue are especially good for small spaces. The presence of blue color in the interior always gives the room a refinement and nobility. Blue best used in the bedroom – bed linen, sleepwear or pajama blue perfectly prepare for sleep. Pale blue suits violent and unrestrained. Yellow and orange yellow – the source of heat and light, it stimulates the intellectual abilities of man. At the physical level helps cleanse the body, the secretion of bile. In general, yellow is the opposite of negative feelings.

If you feel that you are not love, do not understand and feeling oppressed by the internal rigidities – use yellow. Orange (a mixture of yellow and red) is good for those who are difficult to accept new ideas, often falls into a state of depression and pessimism, and sees no way out of difficult situations. This color will feel free enough to break through the borders, often the only fruit of his own imagination. Very rich and intense color, so in almost pure form do not apply. These colors are more muted somewhat whitewashed by adding a little purple hues. Any combination of these colors are well suited for children's rooms. green mixture of yellow and blue.

Green is associated with development of organic life and is a symbol of growth, movement. He is most familiar to the eye does not irritate the eyes, does not cause hyperactivity or, conversely, loss of strength and often used for decoration. But since it is considered cool, he looks the best on the walls in the sun room. Bright green color can also be used in small things, if you feel the indifference, the inability to cause someone's love and bestow it to anyone. Stimulation of the green – is the development of heart in man. violet Violet has a strong influence on the spiritual state of man. Thanks to its strong Effects can you get rid of the deep fears and learn to draw from his consciousness creative force. He radiates modesty and dignity, joy and comfort. But in the interiors should only be used in combined with the warm 'life' hues (eg yellow and orange) or dilute (light, lilac) form. Black & of the clothing we use black and white. White – outgoing, black – perceiver (black hole). White – activity directed toward the outside, black – is perceived passivity. For example, people are open, cheerful, prefer light-colored clothing, closed, secretive (and the hidden complexes) are dressed in black. Interestingly the use of black in folk medicine for treating insomnia: wall paste darker wallpaper, the windows were hung heavy thick black curtains, sheets, pillowcases and shirts also were made from black material. They say that this method gave striking results – showered, even those who had not slept for several months. And finally – a few practical tips to help you to choose the color scheme of their rooms: 1. with light-colored walls of the room seem wider and higher than 2. contrasting dark walls visually narrow the room 3. ceiling will look higher when it lighter colored walls, and below, if Darker 4. wallpaper with vertical elements of the pattern make the room more than a high 5. pillows, curtains, lampshades and other tissues of contrasting with the overall color scheme, can liven things up by making the necessary diversity. 6. in children's rooms is better to use bright contrasting colors, and for elderly family members – quiet pastel shades.