Civil Resistance

Social justice should not contradict the individual justice, either in theory or in practice … It is fairly low deprived of the fruits of my labor for the benefit of an individual other than my sweat sweat. I do not consider it justice … It is easy to note that libertarian philosophy that we hold in CIVIL RESISTANCE is based on respect for each person and his freedom. Liberals Libertarians believe that each person is unique and competent as well.

Therefore should be treated with dignity and respect. We also affirm that to be free and independent press is the best way of life. So proudly proclaim 'If we know how to be free, no power were to become servants. " Freedom must be respected in all its forms. We can not say that we respect individual freedoms and economic freedoms trample time or vice versa.

Freedom includes the following rights: everyone can choose their own lifestyle, think, speak and act as it sees fit, respect for their property and have the right to pursue happiness. These rights are sacred and inalienable. We also believe that where there is individual liberty is evident that there must be personal responsibility and tough all the effort is to make personal actions are responsible. We believe that there are only two ways of dealing with another human being: through persuasion or through force. Libertarian liberals reject the use of force except in self-defense. As human beings are endowed with reason, we believe that persuasion is the only acceptable way to change the behavior of another human being.