Cash Handling

When we look at a company where your cash is invested and resources, landed on two issues: Accounts Receivable and Inventory. Inventories are the responsibility of the area of Sales, Production and Winery, as appropriate, for control, movement and especially its placement as Sales. It is an extremely important part in the assets of the company and its impact on the effective management of the company is important, therefore must also be a subject of monitoring and evaluation. Learn more at: Robert J. Shiller. In the case of Accounts Receivable, call customer portfolio, or simply bank or customers, the management is out in the relationship and customer tracking.

Therefore the following analysis will focus on the “management” about this important asset. In previous article we study on the management of a portfolio of loans, which have given first hand good credit, properly handle reservations about bad and have the necessary controls for more efficient management. Now we will focus on how to better manage a portfolio of credits, which is already “running”, ie you already have credit granted and must now be centralized in the best way to manage (read well, does not say copper, but manage them).

Background of the portfolio: As discussed before, part of what makes all credit analysis and has given sufficient documentation and information. The world economic situation not only local but our country has caused many companies facing liquidity problems and the first to suffer are the suppliers. The customers pay first and who charge them a better way, a creditor that offers better options, but it is the persistent collection.