Cardinal Silva

I think it's time to talk and not be silent, I'll take the SJAntonio approach Delfau, Director of Post Magazine, who witnessed one of the complaints against the priest Karadimas, who believes that this purge will bring winds of renewal of our Church and will more strengthened. Again, our society is conservative and will remain so for many years and the Church strongly maintained their mark on it, also for years to come, it is necessary now and always sincere faults that trap us and prevents us from moving forward. Church leaders today, its bishops and Cardinal, must necessarily take the lead people demand them, as it did during the dictatorship through Cardinals Silva Henriquez, the Vicariate of Solidarity and Cures Santos, as Bishop Alvear, De Castro, Ahumada, Fuenzalida, Gonzalez and others. Corporate defenses are destructive within any institution, the best example is what happened with our armed forces, their hard to rebuild their credibility, can not defend himself without the knowledge of the facts, the truth is what must always prevail and the bypass, not to comment, drop out or go into exile, is a cowardly act of bravery in times such as the Church lives not only in Chile, but worldwide the day of today. We hope that leaders in our Church assume Chilean open your mind and understand, which is a Church of men, many imperfect, but a majority of delivery and holiness that is necessary and is part of our national soul. The church also meets Chilean its Bicentennial, it was created with the country, with priests such as Camilo Henriquez, the Chaplain Benavides in Independence, Marchant Pereira in the Pacific War, Father Alberto Hurtado, not just a holy man, but a social activist Cardinal Silva and all those priests, missionaries, religious, broken in our country, giving to others selflessly and alone in the desire to serve his ministry. A fervent Catholics and what not so many, should face these facts with the height of the faith with the rules and without equivocation, on the contrary, this approach I propose, only enhances a fact and not less is the tremendous moral strength and presence of the Catholic Church in our country that is growing stronger again when it is able to report and self-recognition at fault. Most damaging to the Church to hide the head, a corporate defense, skipping or not say, is exactly the opposite action which is going to strengthen, to stand up, go ahead, show more humane and united not only to defend their peers, but also those who have been offended, we can not stigmatize who has been damaged or has been vilified in the hands of a member or representative of it, is quite the opposite, you have to listen, put in place and investigate by any means to place, the truth always prevails in these cases, that is why we must ask if the priest facing the Karadimas, Who is the victim and who the offender?. Read more here: Steffan Lehnhoff, New York City.