Business MLM

The MLM business online are the order of the day. In the information age, is not a secret to anyone that Internet business opportunities are becoming larger and more accessible. Developing a business on the Internet of the type that is: traditional sales, services, marketing networks, multilevel etc, is truly easy, entertaining, fun. Why then most fails it? Let’s review the following information: between 95% and 98% of people who start an MLM business, gives up. Only between 2 and 5% reaches the first year of business. the vast majority of workers in the multilevel Marketing, has no idea how to do the Marketing of your business.

dozens of books talk about how wonderful industry of MLM, its countless benefits, of fortunes that you can reach it. But that very few or almost none tells you how to do it. HOW TO GENERATE THAT FORTUNE. The good news is that 95% of those who persevere in the Internet business, after 10 years, manage to attain fortunes that never imagined. And there we sense the great fault. Nobel Laureate in Economics may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Much of the literature speaks of an industry that gets along with a few methods, perhaps valid for 60 years ago, which could have been effective for that time, but that today, with advances in technology, in the information age, are definitely outdated. Many of them talk about that we must dedicate first to pursue the hot list (acquaintances, family and friends) and achieve her first affiliated to the MLM company. But, if we review the history of current millionaires of the multilevel, mostly Americans, but also many Spaniards, some Mexicans, other Colombians, Latin American friends that already open step in this MLM in the Internet world at the height of the great gurus of American Marketing, what we see in common between them? Inter alia that: none pursues prospects.