Brown Savannah

It is assumed that in addition to providing them with the materials and instructions are going to train in its construction to make the beneficiaries themselves that their homes are manufactured and you are going to grant land spacious and with all the services that these comfortable and modern urban developments are built there Now if in this country one of the trades most extended is Walling, if you are going to deliver sufficiently spacious land for the construction of dwellings of three and four bedrooms, if they are going to train and lead in the construction of these houses do No it is better to provide them with blocks, dowels and cement and build truly decent housingsolid and permanent? I am convinced that that is the only way to solve the housing problem of Venezuela, which the community to participate actively in the construction of their own homes but with supervision and specialized technical direction so the outcome can be good houses, well built and durable, and particularly beyond areas of risk of landslides and flooding and with all public services necessary and duly regulated so also of once complete theft of electricity and drinking water whose consequences and invoices ended up charging those who pay these services and that the sewers and sinks are well plotted and channeled and bulbs are completed infection and diseases which today are sewers and collapsed gullies of garbage and whose main victims are precisely those who collapsed them with trash can be done with the plastic but not those of cement? so I don’t think simply plastic, (in addition to being a good deal for someone), are built more rapid and can be displayed before the world as final successes and achievements rather than as what they truly will be: intermediate solutions limited and temporary. Especially temporary, therefore surely soon will be abandoned to their fate by residents in search of housing solutions more durable or to at least give a feeling of greater security and durability, adaptability to the changing but specific needs of its inhabitants..