Brazilians Values

It suggests that the citizenship involves the dialectic relation between the State, the economy, the cultures, etc. In Brazil, the citizenship is regulated, granted. ' ' In place of the citizen formed a consumer, who accepted to be called usurio' ' (P. 13). For the social formation of the country, the rights had become privileges and had had its atrelada existence to the questions of economic order, in a reality of country colonized with deep social disparidades.

The author perpassa the different historical moments and its determinative aspects in the conduction of the not-citizenships of the Brazilians. Brutais ditatoriais processes of urbanization, intent and exculpatory, industrialization in similar molds, politics, folloied economic growth of income distribution had not been processes that had generated, to the measure that occurred, chronic problems of deterioration of the potential citizen, who starts to be extremely associated to the profit of corporeal properties, to the stubborn fight for the ingression in ' ' milagre' ' Brazilian, bringing I obtain on values to the consumption as ideal of insertion in the national project. A false idea of progress was created in this manner, where consumption is the revealer of who is or not a citizen. The proper media, capable to influence in the values and popular gostos, starts to use more than the consuming term intentionally, substituting and/or equaling it the term citizen! With the increasing individualizao, decurrent of the competition, the egoism, the fear of the violence, it increases the individual and collective insatisfao. Falsely it is nailed that such insatisfaes can be decided with the acquisition of corporeal properties and incorporeal. The ideology of the consumption predominates in the society, passing to the population that all can be prosperous, ' ' to be successful in vida' ' , being this the goal pursued on behalf of the comfort in the current days. However, this thought: ' ' Is a distortion of the reality, established in an ideology mals of the work? since the life finishes for teaching that the material prosperity does not depend on the effort straightforward: of another form, the prosperity would be generalized.