"Beauty And The Tourism Development Aysen Might Require Altering "

“I sincerely think that if it is necessary to alter the project design must be done. Maybe even have to eliminate some projects, I would not say no, if the damage they do does not outweigh the benefit they bring to the country as a whole, “said the specialist, who after laying out his vision on energy needs Chile expressed support for the use of water potential and even Aysen, will materialize or not the dams, forward-looking in the nuclear alternative. The meeting, attended by regional authorities, employers and union and environmental leaders, said that according to the information handled, utilities would not be considering the possibility of reducing the number of dams. “I understand that companies are not in that. Many times there are people who asserted that this project is to do it this way, because that earns the maximum energy … I think it may have to lose energy simply to protect the environment ” said, adding that “the best project is not necessarily the best in the country.” Sebastian Bernstein also looks at the possible changes that would be generated in the transmission lines, because “the issue of respect of the landscape and the whole development of tourism in the region, which means for all who have visited this area for its incredible beauty, imply that there necessarily must be willing to pay very high costs to avoid visual impacts. ” He noted that “all paths of line, also central to some extent, but especially the line should effectively avoid damaging the landscape. And the truth is that there are solutions, which are sometimes expensive and maybe mean a tug of war, but I think the area sites, justify solutions that can be very expensive. ” In his opinion “in some sections to better justify the line on the tracks go very far, costing much more expensive, or they go underground or underwater in sections, if that will affect the beauty and (create) visual impact in some areas. ” In this context, to review the environmental impact study now under evaluation, which includes shots of the layout for the interconnection of the five dams on the Baker and Pascua rivers and outline the size of each tower (above 70 meters and an easement strip of 65 meters) – shows that the proposed non-electric underground line to avoid the visual impact on any stage, even in the Cochrane area where his journey south skirt an important part of the Carretera Austral scenic route considered by the National Tourism Service.