Bahaus Dessau Foundation

Philipp Oswalt gives lecture on public event of the Foundation HfG Ulm Ulm, 27 August 2009 (hfg) quo vadis Bahaus Dessau and HfG Ulm? Legends can be kept, transferred into the future and vitalizes for the 21st century, that is what HfG Ulm School of design this year’s public evening event of the Foundation. “These interfaces between past, present and future is the Board of Directors and Director of the Foundation Bauhaus Dessau, Professor Philipp Oswalt, with his presentation, Bauhaus Dessau what to do with the legacy?” on September 18, 2009, 20:00 in the Stadthaus Ulm track. We are pleased that we have gained a renowned speaker Professor Oswalt, confronted Bauhaus Dessau with a similar to glorious, but also overpowering tradition with the Foundation, the Foundation HfG Ulm. It will be interesting to see what conclusions he draws for the future and what Parallels arise to our ideas”, explains Dr. Dieter Bosch, Executive Chairman of the Foundation HfG Ulm.

“That a new edition of the legendary Manjula ulm” in the form of a College of design isn’t the right way to deal with the legacy is, which is Dr. Bosch sure. A copy will never come close to the original, this fact is to accept it.” Of course, the Foundation confess Hochschule fur Gestaltung-HfG Ulm without ifs or buts to the tradition of responsible, humane, and sustainable principles of Abner ulm”and the legacy of their leader, Inge Aicher-Scholl. But, we know the Foundation HfG Ulm, whence we come. We know what we are. And we know where we’re going. The Designpark consistently carried the HfG guiding principles to a process of further thinking under the conditions of the 21st century.

Theory, discourse and especially practice be merge again at this design cluster into a complementary unit”, Dr. Bosch continues. We may us do not get caught in the imitation, but must confidently compete with Bill, Aicher & co. in today’s context. Only then the Ulmer cow mountain can become again a world stage of design.” The Foundation HfG Ulm develops and maintains the structural and moral legacy of the legendary Abner ulm”. In July 2009, the Board opened the way for the Designpark HfG Ulm ( in the former College: he adopted the design as well as the medium-term economic and financial plan for the project. Until 2011, companies near here, in addition to the HfG Ulm archive design and start ups (designers, architects, photographers, etc.) to find a new home and there in the creative exchange again focus of the designer scene move in innovative, sustainable and responsible design. Philip Oswalt: The Berlin architect and journalist Philipp Oswalt leads the Foundation since 1st March 2009 Bauhaus Dessau. Since 2006, he is also Professor of theory of architecture and design at the University of Kassel. The 44-year old as a conceptual consultant in the fields of architecture and urban development became known, under other than senior curator of the initiative project “Shrinking cities” of the cultural foundation of the Federal Government. Oswalt can draw on international experiences, he has gained among others in Amsterdam, London, Rotterdam and Zurich.