Apartment Tenants

According to the document, tenants who own their apartments, can be combined in order to manage the real estate belonging to them. One of the varieties such a structure – homeowners' associations (HOAs). It was created to provide favorable and safe living conditions of citizens to organize home maintenance and implement the right of each owner of premises to manage his property. This organization, formed by the owners of premises (residential and nonresidential), carries out joint management of the apartment building and decides questions of ownership, use and management of common property, including and the local area. As a legal entity, HOAs have many advantages in comparison with such form, as a direct control over the owners: – hoa may earn money from renting non-residential premises. In addition, all utility bills accumulated on the account formed a partnership and, accordingly, may be spent only for operation and maintenance of the house, and the monitoring of financial flows available to any member of the partnership; – hoa can directly enter into contracts with organizations – hoa can itself schedule repair work in his home, determine their priority, while still able to get all government subsidies and benefits. In the course of the hoa can do on its own, entering into contracts with service organizations or individuals (such as tenants, "masters"). If the need arises, it is possible to hire a management company (MC). The conditions determined by the interaction of the tenants in common assembly (a set of services, quality, price).