Apartment Sound Insulation

The problem of sound insulation is familiar, perhaps, everyone in the Russian cities. Particularly, sound worried about the people who live in prefabricated houses. Noise from above and below, the voices behind the wall, the music from the apartment, located in three floors below in the next entrance, noise from institutions of cars in the yard Yes, much more public noise. In general, it would be nice to somehow ensure that the notorious sound insulation. I tried to do something to repair the apartment. First Read what is on this subject on the Internet, he found not so much. In particular, a useful article posted construction portal Trowel (stroim.elport.ru). I read this story and made the light and its own way.

In fact, nothing special and nothing specific. Just tried to eliminate some drawbacks of builders. Below is their recommendations. So, give the characterization of the situation: a multi-storey stone house (not bad, however, located with respect to away from the roadways of streets); apartment in the butt at home, the neighbors above and below. Apartment house in the end means that the neighbors on one side flat no.

And it was good. However, there is a danger that this side of the street can penetrate not just noise, but wind and water (many people know that so often happens). State of insulation to repair the following parameters: a very loud conversations. (In this regard, it was fun when I went to a couple weeks on vacation and left my electric alarm clock on for 8 hours.