Apartment Renovation

Redevelopment of apartment – a phenomenon that has become particularly massive in recent years. And it just can not be called "a tribute to fashion", but rather a vital necessity, dictated by the desire to escape from the cramped "boxes" of city high-rise buildings. On the way to the cherished goal may have to radically transform the typical architectural solution: demolish the wall and changing rooms in some places. However, as a rule, the main works related to less radical innovations – an extension of the kitchen, bathrooms, as well as finding the optimal planning solutions for the remaining premises. The kitchen is a big difference for the majority of urban families have long turned into a public place to collect, rest after work, and even guest "gatherings." No wonder that it is this zone becomes the first target for redevelopment and optimization of spatial solutions – always want more space and comfort. Today a number of popular "Measures" to increase the area of the kitchen. The most simple – to remove the partition separating it from the pantry or built-in cupboards (if they are in an apartment).

Option is more difficult – not to move walls (otherwise agree redevelopment can not be), reducing the area of the living room or corridor by increasing kitchen space. New wall can be made much thinner than the previous one, which also helps save precious centimeters. Modern plastic windows, or rather, their wide windowsills can not expand as much as to optimize space.