Apartment Interior

There are two major functional zones: the zone of daily activity and sleep and rest area. Zone of daily activity of a city apartment includes hall, common room, kitchen and pantry. This area should be conveniently connected to the entrance of the apartment, as well as the premises where they are processed and stored foods. Go to sleep and rest area are private rooms, bathroom and toilet. Better if this area will be removed from the rest of the apartment and take the most quiet of the house. Well, when the rooms have a balcony or a veranda.

Separately taken a room, too, should be divided into zones: it will help if necessary, reschedule it to do better. Specialists in creating interior apartment long to establish rules that provide for the formation of a certain number of specialized spatial zones. And not knowing these rules, not being experts, interior designers, we intuitively realize this division. What determines the comforts of home? Why some houses do not want to live, they do not leave feeling what are you visiting? Rarely apartment interior remains constant throughout the life of the owner. Settlers spend much time and energy, landscaping his new home. Finally, everyone is happy, it seems that we have found the most optimal option plan. However, after some time there is a desire and sometimes need to update all (rearrange the furniture, something to add or replace the interior). Causes of climate change may be the most different: changes in family structure, birth, someone leaves or joins the family, children grow and mature, parents .U each family its taste, its possibilities and concepts of what is beautiful and what is not.