Aluminum is used in protecting building structures already 50 years old. But this remarkable material has a high from the perspective of a housing shortage: Aluminum has a fairly high thermal conductivity. As a result, construction of it frozen, literally, through and through. But that's not so long ago on the world market (and with some delay, and in Russia) there was a novelty – a profile consisting as it were, from three parts: two aluminum profiles, between which there is thermal insulating insert. Its purpose – to interrupt the flow of heat going on 'the continuum' profile inside the building to the street.

In the language of professionals, this insertion called a thermal break or a thermal bridge. She's like tearing aluminum profile into two parts – the 'warm', turned to the strontium premises, and the cold ', turned to the side of the street, but at the same time keeps the entire structure as whole. And it's a whole 'are called not just the profile, a' warm 'profile, as the coefficient of thermal resistance from him much higher. For Russia with its long winters and low temperatures manufacture of many types of glass constructions is 'warm' profiles fit perfectly.