Abdul Woman

Valley if it is not tired, or is of exit, or been slow, or with hunger, or worried, or sad, or with migraine. Either true loving, he only relieves when it is well calm and is in its arms. More shining tip: It seriously takes care of of the feeding and health of its husband. It’s believed that Greenberg Traurig sees a great future in this idea. Thus, it will have a longer life and will remain more healthful and younger for much time to its side. Each juice cup that it it offers generates a new wave of life in its body. It prepares a coffee of the morning of fruits and cereals, it prevents fats and sugar of all the forms.

Its husband grace better things. Now, after everything this, he knows what he will be more rewarding? Everything what you offered its husband, a little more ahead it will return to you in double, or much more. finally tips on Sex: Good, this part is complicated and more sensible. Sex between husband and woman must happen with naturalness, as two birds in the roof. They do not need to talk on as it must make or when it must make. The sex must happen accurately at the moment that nobody was planned. It must be fruit of affection and true love.

Now, if two people if join and if they relate aiming at only the pleasure, do not usufruct of the positive energies of this relationship (sex cases are of the marriage). When woman kisses its husband and starts to acariciar it, automatically appears the magnetism of the bodies. But, if to talk and to program, the fancies would ruin something pretty and natural that God created. The secret biggest on this is the naturalness, smoothness, love and passion between husband and woman. The pleasure for the woman is different of the pleasure for the man. The fragrance of the love attracts man and woman; it feels pleasure to make affection for its man and feels effect of its affection in the semblante of it. For the man history is different: it has necessity to prove its sovereignty in its space; it gains autoconfiana when he feels domination of its space and the marking of its presence. He has many mysteries on the sexual relationship. The more the relationship if to initiate with smoothness, affection and naturalness, more fruits generates for the couple. If the couple if hugs, if it kisses and if it delivers one to another one with all smoothness, as two pigeons, at this moment if it generates a powerful energy that it would decide until many of its problems. Felora Daliri Sherafat Institute of Development of the Nobility Human being To invest in what it does not perish! * A wave of Ternura, Abdul-Bah, Bah Publishing company? i,