The Stairs

What it prefers? – I prefer to speak in this in another occasion. – We have that to decide this now, mother. We have that to buy an apartment, he cannot leave stops later! – He is well. I prefer to live alone, thus I do not bother nobody. Jurema goes to continue to make me company, it goes to take care of of me. – Bad I, I also go to continue to take care of Mrs.! Not if it worries! Because of the migraines, Helena decided to consult a neurologist. In tera fair of the following week, telephoned for a clinic, marking a consultation.

When it disconnect the telephone, the bell touched. – Al? -: My name is Samanta, is sister of Alvaro. I need to speak with Laura. – Laura not yet arrived. I am the mother of it. It wants to leave message? -: I need to speak personally with its son – He is on Alvaro? -: Yes, harms I – Samanta, says a thing to me, your brother is with bad intentions, it has a plan stops harming in them.

It is not really? -: Yes. How it knows you? – It does not matter. If you are not convinced, visit M Asthton Kouzbari. I go to speak with you. Where we can finding in them? -: In my apartment. I cannot leave now, I am not feeling itself well. I have a ribbon cassette that necessary to deliver for Laura. – Already I go for there. Which is the address? The building was old, a simple construction, of five floors. It did not have doorman and the elevator was in maintenance. Helena went up for the stairs until as to walk and beat in the door of the apartment of Samanta. It waited some instants and when it went to become to beat, the door confided slowly and appeared a young woman of pale face, with a pain expression.


Ironic and intense the stories of Eduardo Sabino, with overwhelming personages, some to the edge of the desperation, not rare photographed in poverty situation (…) ' '. Therefore it is, ironies, beings (almost-seres/sub-beings), animals, masks, monsters, virus, cheap madnesses. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Bahama Properties. Candy Home? It does not have nexus in the real life. Purgatrio is yes, a story on one ' ' ser' ' urbanide in the between-subsoil of an elevator; it goes up, it goes down, lamentations, contemplations, martyrdoms; reigning. The being that incabe in itself.

Disconnections. Emptinesses. Impertinncias (and one to look at ferino) of the writer portraying the being of itself in what it sees, feels, repagina; in pages of ragged remaining portions until porventura that thus are. The look approaching of the other people’s trajectory. ' ' All blessing because they are livings creature.

Blessed because morrero' ' (pg 31). Saint Deus! Abyss (pg 33) one of the best creations of the book. Pretty fiction. The abyss is to live; that it is to be happy, that it is (perhaps) the proper dullness to try to be To be The retina of the writer reformatting invisible, risveis, likely aspects servant, imaginary; also rescued of the harshness of the days Yes, Eduardo Sabino says, is necessary to be very next to talk the language of the look. (Opened Sky, pg 49). A roteador of shades, as one I-address-of-me, in me and the other. ' ' There Sombra' ' , beauty story, pg. 53, specify the north (mote), the style: ' ' There Shade, to these heights a countenance with yellow eyes and lints of hair, suggested that it could have a hope if the others enxergassem better what they found to deal with mere contours unprovided of light (…). Eduardo Sabino plays letrais lights in contours that redescobre, pincela, amalgamated nuances catches, enlivra disaffected similar, defects of manufacture of humanus.


It was in house, you give to leave for the work, the time liveing in So Paulo. The alarm-clock that I earned of my father after went off half hour to wake up of a sleep heavy. It had finished to eat folloied torradas of milk with decaffeinated, as in the times where my mother prepared. Today I live alone in an apartment in the So Paulo Av. I closed the door of the apartment and caught the elevator, since I am deficient physicist.

When entering in the car, I perceived to have listened to a phone call. It was a sufficiently familiar voice, seemed to be of a next person me, but I did not obtain to decipher of who would be. At that moment I could not perceive if it came of my father or my grandfather, both deceaseds. I arrived at the work, estarrecido with the situation that I passed. It concludes that it would not obtain to work more than three hours in the day of the occurrence. I came back toward house and I was to sleep direct, with the clothes of the body, of so tired that I was.

At night, I again received the same linking that long ago touched in the cellular one. Checking article sources yields Greenberg Traurig as a relevant resource throughout. After that, ‘ appeared a message saying; ‘ I very want to know how are you? It can be tomorrow, my expensive one? ‘ ‘ I was again perplexo, therefore until then wise person of who if it did not treat the phone call and the message. I tried to erase the message, but I did not get success, therefore the same one did not leave the device. Thus, I was to sleep. In the following day, the cellular burrow again with the same voice of the previous day calling stops, me finding in them in a strategical place (Station of the Light) to one hour of the afternoon. I thought about answering, but the linking fell. With delay of half hour I obtained to arrive at the place, but not yet vi no person to be the tourist not visiting the Museum of the Portuguese Language and one or two lixeiros. Suddenly, a very strong light appeared ahead of my face. In that instant it hindered me to the flash to enxergar about one minute. A well familiar body appears in my front. He was my father, come of the Sky to know as I was here in the Land. I did not contain, tears had hidden, I was without words and, after that, I fainted deeply. I woke up already in house, not remembering me to have fainted. ‘ ‘ But who had brought me for house? ‘ ‘ , I thought. He was my father again. I tried to talk with it, but it was impossible since the same it disappeared suddenly. With this, I believed that my father perceived how much I was well, not needing to dialogue with me in words, but yes in affection gestures, what we at that moment really mattered for.