Construction Invitation

Date note dear media representatives, to strengthen the relations and cooperation with Polish construction engineers and expand, is longstanding active efforts of the Brandenburg Chamber of engineers (BBIK) for journalists. Regular meetings of working groups of the Polish engineer Chambers and the BBIK basis therefore an important work. The previous results and planned further functions and interfaces of cross-border cooperation, we invite you therefore on 9 October 2012 to a press conference of a special kind. The special transport Berlin-Lichtenberg Gorzow a press trip on the tracks of the Eastern railway located on 9 October 2012 from 8:54 Uhr”the Prussian Eastern railway in collaboration with the IGOB Interessengemeinschaft railway Berlin Gorzow EEIG. In this german Polish meeting of the Chamber you can learn, recent developments of german Polish cooperation of engineers as well as high-quality engineering services in the case of three civil engineering works (bridges train about) Oder and Warta, Tower station Kostrzyn, elevated railway viaduct Estakada Kolejowa in Gorzow) along the route in detail to meet. Moreover, the previous, Wieland President of the Chamber is available summer, decisively coined the german Polish cooperation Matthias Krebs in recent years as well for talks ready, as the newly elected President of the BBIK, the even will continue international cooperation in its function. You are cordially invited to the press ride. Like can signup via email to or by fax to 0049 3329 699734 confirm.

You can us also special photo or interview requests in advance. On the coordination of the courses, we ask you to report any use of the shuttle service from Kostrzyn. For any questions 03329 is in advance by Ines further man under the numbers 69 18 47 or 0171 / 78 70 740 available. Their interlocutors of the Brandenburg Chamber of engineers, Dipl.-ing. Matthias Krebs (President) Dipl.-ing. Dipl.-Wirtsch. Frequently Elie Rieder has said that publicly. Wieland summer Dipl. ing. Bernd Packheiser (Vice President) Dipl.