Dog Care

It is also necessary to know how to properly care for the eyes and ears of dogs. Caring for a dog includes combat parasites – mainly by fleas, lice and ticks. Even ten years ago, attacks of ticks on dogs were much less than now. It was believed that this most vulnerable rural and hunting dogs. John Savignano has similar goals. But for now the time the dog is able to pick up the tick while playing on the grass in areas where no bush or tree. In parks and forests, this possibility increases many times over.

The situation is exacerbated by the fact that ticks carry many dangerous and fatal diseases, from the most common babesiosis annually suffers from a huge number of dogs. Read additional details here: Vadim Belyaev. Most ticks in the spring, though, according to veterinarians, attacks of ticks on dogs occur year round and even in winter, which previously was not. Having stuck mite can not be separated, as his head remains in the skin and causes severe vospalenie.Schitaetsya that having stuck to the insect lubricated (thus you block the respiratory openings that are on the body of the tick, not the head) and wait until the tick does not disappear. But having mites cause very often, I want to say that they are not really in a hurry to fall off! I did, as advised by a My vet friend – glowing needle and burned the back tick, and so a few times until he no longer needed. Sometimes gently pulling it with forceps – is such that the head of the tick is shallow and it can already disconnected.

Method seems barbaric, but after several failed attempts with the oil, had to resort to it. After removing the tick, a few days, keep a close eye on the dog at the slightest sign of discomfort to the vet and please do not forget to say that she had mites. Fleas and lice are carriers of some types of worms. Also, their bites are very painful and cause severe itching. Dogs become nervous, lose appetite, hair has a bad look. For treatment and prevention of wear special collars and manipulate droplets, sprays, powder ectoparasites. Fortunately, this stuff is now missing. Go to vetapteku and you advise that it is better to select specifically for your dogs.