Childhood Development

It affects the growth and the physical and mental development of the children, causing sleepiness, incapacity to fix the attention and reduction in the mental acuidade, what it leads to the comprometimento of the pertaining to school income. I diagnosis laboratorial Hemograma: Baixo HCM and VCM Policromasia, poiquilocitose and anisocitose Eosinofilia? (parasatism) Plaquetopenia? (hemorrhage) Dosages biochemists: Fe+2 srico < 20 mg/mL Transferrina increased microcticas and hipocrmicas Hemcias Treatment To correct the deficit and to restitute the supplies of iron through the use of medicamentoso iron e, in case of chronic loss of blood, to identify and to treat the cause. The ferrous sulphate is the salt most indicated by its good absorption and low cost. The hard total treatment of 4 the 6 months and can be made the dosage of hemoglobina until normalization of the hemograma.

In serious cases, it can be used as treatment the injection of iron for the muscular way or intravenosa, being used the forms iron-dextran or sorbitol-citrate-iron. Perhaps check out West Philadelphia Real Estate for more information. ANEMIA MEGALOBLASTICA (NORMOCROMICA MACROCTICA) megaloblstica Anemia is a riot caused for the comprometimento in the decurrent Synthesis of DNA of deficiency B12 a vitamin or acid flico with macroeritrcitos and granulcitos. This anemia is characterized by great, immature and disfuncionais globules white (megaloblastos) in the ssea marrow and for neutrfilos also hipersegmentados. Lack B12 the vitamin megaloblstica anemia cause, but when it has me the absorption due the lack of intrinsic factor this anemia is only called pernicious anemia. The megaloblstica anemia is an illness in which the ssea marrow produces giant and immature hemcias. A time that these two factors are important for the synthesis of responsible DNA and for eritropoese, its lack cause a defect in the DNA synthesis, leading to the disequilibrium in the growth and cellular division Clinical Megaloblasto Picture Inapetncia (anorexy, fastio).