Social Security

Every day there are more companies that decide to help their employees to form, either through online courses, that worker can do in their free time or through courses offered by the company itself, devoting a small part of the workday to these, before starting their work hours or ending later than usual. Training for businesses is available to all those companies who are interested, regardless of its size or condition. In addition all companies that meet a minimum requirements (detailed below) can benefit from this training bonus way, unless it involves no cost to the company or the workers. Training for companies going has increase productivity and probably the motivation of workers. Requirements of the companies to apply for training bonus: are eligible all the companies that have work centres in the territory of the Spanish State, matter what your size or location. Develop training for its workers. That he traded for the contingency of vocational training to Social Security. Keep abreast on payments to Social Security and Treasury.

Having received payment of the course according to the tariff that collects the course catalog and forms of payment and always before the bonus. Follow the instructions that you will reach the end of the course, to introduce social insurance by applying the bonus and the correct way to post expenditure for continuing training. Requirements of the worker to apply for this training: registered in the General Social security scheme (self-employed). As for self-employed workers, they cannot benefit from this type of training bonus, but if that its workers can benefit. Training for companies may be focused on various areas such as creativity and innovation, marketing and advertising, new technologies, negotiation skills, teamwork, motivation, conflict resolution techniques and the formation specifies of each individual work-related. It is important that companies seek to motivate their workers, usually a good working environment is going to encourage productivity and interpersonal relations of the members of the company, and as it is expected that in the long run also goes in favour of the company.