Nobody gives you share to help you in these fixed costs or when the farm ask loaned by up to fifteen days. And if happens to someone asking fee to pay among all, the owner include him as an equal, unless previously reported expenditures mitigated the dispensing and have him a little consideration in view of what has to assume without help from anyone. And go and commits the audacity to not lend it Office mate or the nephew of his wife with his friends in the neighborhood or University. You are a petty, an upstart and climbing selfish that already does not deign to share the goods with those who have less opportunities, which no longer flips to look to those who grew up with you. That almost removed the greeting and spit ironies and satires each given the opportunity.

And if the pay is worse: baths taquiados with paper and sanitary pads, despite the notice that are requested that they throw them to the trash. Old and mouldy food in the kitchen. Bad fridge or blown TV. Soiled condoms or suspicious viscosity papers hidden under beds or mattresses. Spotlights powered day and night until one returns to turn them off if they are not blown; accounts of phone calls of hours of duration or long distance or esoteric or hot lines. Garbage bags forgotten or carved by dogs, pots broken with flowers and land on the floor, cloth billiard broken or stained eggs and milk by sitting children to eat at him. And all without the possibility of making no claim, because to do so, only they are negative, resentment, anger, and nothing is solved. If one humbly requests that they return of the estate with two days in advance, after lend it free for two weeks, the wife of lifelong friend decides that it does not support such humiliation and short pit a friendship of twenty years.