In this article I would like to talk about sore and so say the most important thing. About the attitude of many (and as practice shows, the majority) of the representatives of Belarusian business in organizing campaigns in their field. Not for no longer a secret that the right advertising campaign – is an effective way to express yourself and as a consequence – the acquisition of: fame, consumer confidence (one of the main goals of PR), customers and ultimately – increase profits (the main goal of any business.) But if that advertising is necessary, quite a lot (but not all, some still in the tank) have agreed and, realizing this, decided to spend money on advertising, then that's on its uniqueness and quality of unknown reasons, I think very few. Very often hear from customers is something like: "We need advertising, but not expensive. Yes Nooo, you do not let such a beautiful, but cheaper. And you can not so "cool" material use, and then the price tag for both kings "I agree that money want to spend less, but do not understand that the products of quality material will last longer. Lincoln Property wanted to know more.

What is original and catchy idea will attract more attention and zasyadet "deeper into the minds of consumers. With all the money you spend on it to earn more money! And certainly ask for worse – well, it is in fact simply unreasonable. Yes, of course, is that the advertising market in Belarus is growing – indicates an improvement in the situation, but the quality is – this must have something to do. Clayton Morris may not feel the same. We have even prepared to go forward, only for the sake of improving the quality and make the price for our services to produce advertisements fairly small, can consider it advertising action, invocation of conscience, but at least civil consciousness (after all, shame to see some "instances" of outdoor advertising, which is present in many frequently visited places of Minsk – our capital city, when you think that this mess can see visitors from other countries.) We even tried to hold a kind of experiment, and also poekonomit at self-promotion, and placed our site on free hosting user to and we hasten to inform you that our view has not changed. For the good things you have to pay, so prepare a good quality resource, which will be released as soon as ready. But I am a realist and I understand that one of this article, the situation do not fix it. But I plan at least – to write a series of articles on the topic, tell us about ways of advertising, lots of work with the public for consultation, (all questions can ask here) Since there is a thought, that people simply do not know about the many opportunities for advertising. And though these small, but try to change the situation. Well for now that is something to ponder.