House Prices

Real estate is one of the most reliable and profitable ways to invest. Particularly relevant this statement was in response to the crisis in the global securities market, the consequences of which affected the Russian stock exchanges. Many investors who invest in stocks and bonds, drew attention to other ways to preserve and multiply their capital. To deepen your understanding Prologis Inc. is the source. For real estate, as one of the objects for investment are showing increasing interest. That, in turn, causes an increase in demand for housing. However, the situation can hardly be seen as the cause of the rise in property prices.

The recent while the rising cost of housing is due not so much a difficulty of the Russian stock market, and a significant expansion of mortgage lending. More info: Vadim Belyaev. What impact will the cost per square meter price increase basic building materials? On the one hand, the rise in cement and other materials used in high-rise building, inevitably raises the bar for the cost of urban housing. On the other – the trend forcing builders to seek "maloetazhke", to use less expensive wood frame housing technology. Soon the amount of housing supply will increase due to market large-scale projects quarterly development. The city is implementing a number of projects for the integrated development of areas where plans to build millions of square meters of housing. Significantly raise the offer. Its role in curbing prices may play out in the market of St. Petersburg Moscow's major developers. His projects have already implemented such construction giants such as "Glavmostroy" and SU-155.

Understanding Mortgages

Mortgage from a Greek word (Hypotheke), and means – bail. For the first time the term "mortgage" entered into use at the turn of the VI-VII centuries BC in Greece, when he called the pillar, which was placed on the land, the borrower's assets and contain the name of the lender and the loan amount. In the event the borrower defaults on debt repayment, "mortgage" lender gave them the right to take part zastolblennuyu land. Now, the mortgage – is secured by real estate under issued credit when collateral are the basis of this credit is not transferred to the creditor, and shall remain the property of the debtor. The mortgaged property under the mortgage prohibition is imposed on the sale or re-registering it in another person to complete the loan and all interest. Mortgage lending involves not only the purchase of apartments on the secondary market. Many mortgage programs offer the same purchase buildings, luxury cottages, including cottages as construction lending in the city and suburban real estate purchase in new construction and cottage settlements. Mortgage offers ample opportunity for some to improve their living conditions, but for others – make profitable investments in real estate.

Mortgage loan – is a long term loan, which is basically granted bail the following real estate: apartments, residential houses with the land, plant the land, land. Dates on which you can arrange a mortgage, there are different and depend on the bank and which loan program, the amount of the requested loan and your solvency. Facility Management (FM) Services may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The proposed term of the loan mainly from 3 – to – 30 years. Real Estate Agency Ltd. "Kvadrametr" are engaged in the provision of services on the selection of variants of apartments to sellers and buyers, drawing up of chains of exchange residential real estate, contracts of sale with the registration of transactions in the judiciary. Vadim Belyaev, Moscow Russia pursues this goal as well. Just engaged and registration of mortgages, essentially speaking mortgage brokers.

The main stages of work with client. Stages of work on the secondary market nedvizhimostiKonsultatsiya client with an employee of the Company (the selection of the lending bank, the calculation of the optimal amount of credit, advice on preparation of documents required for submission to the Bank for review) Filing BankOtsenka Bank solvency KlientVydacha Bank lending decisions KlientVybor apartment, according to the wishes KlientProvedenie negotiations with the Seller housing sale subject to the requirements of the Bank, which provides legal kreditProverka "purity" of the object nedvizhimostiProvedenie evaluation object realtyMounting polisovProvedenie insurance transaction (conclusion loan agreement between the Borrower and the Bank, making a down payment, issuance of credit, the laying of money in safe-deposit box, a contract of sale on credit funds) The state registration of the transaction Getting a mortgage loan. Highly qualified specialists of real estate company "Kvadrametr" on the mortgage at the first meeting will orient you to the proposed credit products, from a variety of pick the most appropriate program for you, pre-evaluate your creditworthiness, potential loan amount and monthly payment will help gather necessary documents and fill out an application for credit, will form and will give the documents to the bank for consideration. You will only need to await the decision of the bank, which will give you and the specialists of the Corporation. Real Estate Agency Ltd. "Kvadrametr" closely cooperates with more than 20 banks. Our client has an opportunity to take advantage of special offers, partner banks real estate company "Kvadrametr" saving time and money. Mortgages will help you buy an apartment today.

Ryazan Estate Agency

Take a sheet of A4 divide it into two parts. On the left write down absolutely critical moments, and the right of those moments that you would like to see in the acquired facility as additional. You may wish to learn more. If so, CPA John Savignano is the place to go. Once this work will be done, we must have access to certain database objects on the proposal. This, of course, the Internet. On any site of any of the Ryazan estate agency (all major agencies that there really is) has a base with a very convenient search criteria.

Highly often there is a small and local agencies. Plus, we will definitely use in the large, major newspapers in a series of "hands" directories "and real estate prices," but do not forget about the local newspapers. To begin with we look at all these resources and note does not ring, but simply to note or write down the potentially interested us options that meet all critical requirements for us. As you can see, at this stage assist the realtor us, in principle, absolutely unnecessarily. The only thing that, as with any decision of any matter that requires your time.

The choice, as always, for you, you can attract a man who for a certain amount of money will perform technical functions of "sifting" of information, but can do it yourself. From personal experience I can say that the search of potential options is interesting enough and the right approach does not take much time. You will need half the day off to work out the first time all the options that have piled up to the moment you started to address their housing problems.

The Correct Rental And Sale Of Stock In Smolensk

The organization's own business requires a deliberate approach to the choice of many things, and the parameters that influence the final result. Something affects less, something more, but few would argue with the fact that the correct choice "Roof over their heads and walls" can have a very beneficial effect on the entire production chain. And also, on the other hand, the error in this matter can cross out the positive aspects of your business. Only Imagine that a young entrepreneur is engaged in agriculture in the central part of Russia, for example, in the Smolensk region. Rich harvest instilled in his optimism and expectations of the coming profits. But stocks in Smolensk, where he kept the results of many months of work were poorly heated, with terrible make the roof and unable to protect against thieves.

And in the end, all efforts were in vain man: part of production deteriorated, some were stolen, but instead a well-deserved profit season has produced only losses. It is clear that the mistake was made in the beginning, in the process of leasing a warehouse in Smolensk. On what should have been to draw attention to our entrepreneur? First, the important materials from which buildings are made. For example, a good option – concrete floors and walls of the panels. This combination undoubtedly protect the data stored there products. For more specific information, check out Surya Vihar.

Second, to the complex should be brought all the necessary communications and amenities such as heating, electricity, water. Thirdly, it is often necessary to have a multifunctional complex, which would fit the role of the warehouse and the role of industrial premises, shops. Fourth, be sure to learn the location of buildings, transport communications. And of course, do not forget about the price of renting or selling stock. We must remember two important truth. The first – a miser pays twice, and the second – not always expensive price guarantee good quality. So, this issue must find a middle ground, the right balance. And then, all of our business entrepreneur will be great and the profits will not be long in coming.

State Registration

This entails an inevitable return to its original position things and the return of all parties to each other resulting in the transaction. In the case of the preliminary agreement of all these problems can be avoided and obtain the desired result without fear for the fate of the future property. Finally, all steps are passed, and the parties need to come to the signing of the contract – the sale. As it is better to do? For most the answer is obvious – you need to go to a notary public. This is correct, but not the only possibility.

After the entry into force July 21, 1997 Federal Law 'On State Registration of Rights to Real Estate and Transactions' in addition to the notary is possible to formalize a deal agreement in writing. A leading source for info: Elie Rieder. Create it can both independently and with the help of a lawyer, referring to any law firm. The contract you provide passport details of seller and buyer, the object-sale (Land), legal documents (certificate of ownership of land and buildings, if any, and cadastral passport), the price for which the land is sold and payment arrangements. This treaty, after signed by the parties to the transaction, shall be a department of the Federal Registration Service of the district in which is sold by the object. Using this type of contract you save money on state fees to be charged notary, and have the opportunity to formalize a deal with less documentation provided. As can be seen from all of the above, there are many opportunities to minimize costs while various land issues.

By raising its own legal literacy and speaking to professionals working in this market you can actually not only save money, but also to avoid the negative aspects associated with the deficiency their own knowledge. It remains to wish all of us not to make mistakes, so it was not necessary in the future as they learn. And do not believe the myths, living in the real world in which information is expensive, and correct information – is priceless. Head of department of land and property relations of the "Regional Project" Dmitriy Ivanov. Our website:

Affordable Housing

DATA on the Eurostat, the cheapest housing in Europe is in Estonia and Bulgaria. Prices here start with Russian money of 100 thousand rubles. In the Estonian provinces, for example, called Pussi, for the same amount to buy an apartment area of 50 square meters. m, although it will require a major overhaul. But buying property in Bulgaria for 100 thousand rubles is quite possible in the area of Rousse – it will house the area of 80-150 square where immediately possible to live. Over 150 thousand rubles in Estonia town of Kohtla-Jarve can find apartments and homes in relatively good condition, and in Bulgaria, near Vratsa and Montana is quite possible to buy an apartment or a house, even the furniture. Russians usually prefer acquires real estate in Bulgaria.

The advantages are obvious. First of all, an excellent climate. It's paradise for asthmatics – healthy air, practically, does not develop the disease. Second, nature. In Bulgaria, there is everything from the sea and ending around the corner. Third, Bulgaria – a country of the European Union. No comments. In 2011, the country should join the Schengen area.

The only disadvantage of buying a house in Bulgaria is that the ownership of land is not directly at issue alien. So we have to create a Bulgarian company and arrange for her land. Philadelphia Condos follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In fact, the record Ltd. (similar to the Russian company) fairly fast, easy and cheap. And for the balance of 'zero' firms foreigners are created solely for the purpose of registration on their land ownership rights, there are plenty of accounting firms that for 'pennies' will take time for the owners Ltd. 'zero' balance sheets. In addition, according to EU direktevy January 1, 2014 Bulgaria should adopt a law allowing foreigners to own land in this country. So Bulgaria – this is the best option!

Housing Mortgage Lending

Mortgage bank Uralsib now actively advertised on television and in pechanoy press consists of four main proposals – a mortgage on the finished housing, credit for housing under construction, the credit for the improvement of housing conditions, as well as a federal program jointly with the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending. Terms of the mortgage bank Uralsib Uralsib not practice a mortgage with no down payment, so the maximum amount of credit in most cases can not exceed 90% of the cost of housing. Uralsib may issue a credit to 100% of property value only if you already have an apartment or house that can provide as collateral – this applies to credit to improve their living conditions. Mortgage Uralsiba provides maximum loan term – up to 30 years. The interest rate varies from 10.8% to 14% in rubles and from 9.5% to 12% in U.S. dollars or euros.

When considering an application for a mortgage loan Uralsib bank does not charge a commission. Mortgage Uralsib: Costs So when you make a mortgage loan at the bank Uralsib you wait for the following: the Commission for opening the loan account (other than the program with HMLA): 1% of the loan, minimum amount of commissions 3,000 rubles. or 100 U.S. dollars / euro, the maximum fee amount is 20,000 rubles. or 700 U.S. dollars / euros loan fees to the state registration of ownership of purchased housing: 5000 rub. or 200 USD / EUR fee for opening an account on the program AHML: 1.50% of the loan amount and the Commission for cashing money if the settlement of the purchase and sale of apartments will be made through a bank vault; Rent deposit box, if the calculations for the transaction of purchase and sale of apartments will be made through a bank vault, opening letters of credit, if the calculations for the purchase and sale of apartments will be made with using credit.

Buying Property Abroad

Features of the acquisition of property abroad Source: Everyone at least once in life, wondering – how to save money accumulated depreciation of that purchase and what to invest money? And here comes a lot of us thought – what if invest in real estate? We all know the phrase – the money must work! If before Russian citizens (out of ignorance specific foreign market) acquired real estate only in their country, but now more and more of our compatriots to invest in property abroad. To date, such investment funds is not only reliable but also very profitable enterprise. Grown in recent years the material welfare of Russians can buy land and property abroad, even ordinary the average citizen. Particularly active Russians acquire real estate on the Mediterranean coast. It's no secret that prices for apartments in Moscow are high. For example, the average price of regular 1-room apartment, which requires a fairly serious repairs in the area of art. Metro 'Novoslobodskaya' averages hundred and seventy thousand euro. For this price you can buy a beautiful villa with garage and swimming pool on the beach Bulgaria in the resort of Varna.

In all, over fifty five thousand U.S. dollars to acquire an excellent villa with two bedrooms and two bathrooms in Egypt in the resort town of Hurghada. Acquisition of real estate in Europe was very popular, especially in recent years. If we turn to official statistics, this picture is very well seen. Since 2004, demand for European real estate acquisition increased by 4.5 times. A percentage of Russian citizens increased to five. The most active Russian citizens to buy property in Bulgaria, Spain, and Montenegro.

Acquisition of real estate in Europe has its own distinct advantages. However, there are several difficulties that arise from our countrymen when buying overseas property. Try to examine in more detail, both advantages and problems. Thus, the main problems: 1. Lack of knowledge of the mentality country. 2. Poor knowledge, or ignorance of foreign languages. 3. Legal, economic ignorance. 4. Distance. 5. The visa regime. All these problems are solved elementarily. Benefits you receive when purchasing real estate in Europe, do not go to any comparison with these small inconveniences. Here are just a few of them: 1. Low prices. 2. Preservation and increase (in event of a sale, lease) investment. 3. The wonderful climate, fabulous leisure facilities and accommodation. Source:

Real Estate

"Buying a house or apartment in Turkey you must pay tax on the purchase – says Christina Tuzova, company EstateService – which amounts to 3% of the appraised value of your chosen property in Turkey. In addition, remember cost of registration – which is about 500 euros (notary, translator. Filing, etc. "In addition, about $ 230 worth obtaining residence permit is required to purchase a house or apartment in Turkey. But in addition to taxes, payable when buying property in Turkey, it is necessary to mention the content of the villas or homes in Turkey after the purchase.

Annual property tax is 0.3% of the appraised value of the property (house, villa, apartment – there is no difference in taxes). Ie buying an apartment, the official estimate of 50 000 Euros in Turkey, you will need to annually pay a tax of 150 euros. In addition to paying taxes and utility costs, the amount varies Depending on the complex in which you are buying property in Turkey and on – this apartment or house. The average figure the cost of utilities is only 500 – 600 Euro per year.

Spanish Property Market

With regard to the language barrier, then it is completely avoidable. For assistance, try visiting John Savignan. In Spain there entire Russian-speaking areas. For example, Lloret De Mar, which is a kind of Spanish . For very many Russian-speaking tourists in Lloret de Mar, a point of honor to be noted at least once a year on the Spanish coast. For them it has become a tradition and a kind of a question of prestige. It is also noteworthy that the Spanish Mediterranean, in principle, a lot of foreigners – up to 80% of all people, including Russian. The most part they come to Coast to earn extra money during the peak tourist season in the service industry (hotels, bars).

Comfortable resort and job availability determines the desire of the majority of them stay for a permanent stay on the Spanish coast. The presence of Russian interlayer in Spain has provided her so dear to his heart of our fellow Russian shops that sell Russian vodka and real dumplings. As far as legislative style, for many compatriots will be useful to the fact that the gaming business in Spain is not prohibited. Thus we can have fun playing on a holiday or create your own games business at Spanish coast. After these discoveries I am impressed. This is what have we got? In the same Spanish I can buy a property at a price not much different from Ukrainian? In Spain – Western civilized country where the life and service is much higher Ukrainian? Yes, and on the coast? And even in credit and a percentage of attractive? And it's really not even a vision! The point is knowing the realities of the market, with whom I have tried your introduce. And whether it be a loser, to hurry, or a favorite far-sighted, every man for himself will decide by yourself! All successful investment!

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