The Composition

The most common use in the building of one main type of finish, contributing to the unity of the composition. The combination of dissimilar finishes of panels used in the decision to improve the facades of tectonic expression of the most highly loaded structural elements of the building: open frame of the first floor, separate foundations, slabs or beams cantilever. Purely business nature of these elements emphasizes raw or rubbed smooth texture of the concrete surface, which comes in contrast with more saturated color and chiaroscuro lined or decorated wall surface. Contrasting trim facade elements are used in other composite purposes – to identify these elements and their use in rhythmic-metric dividing walls. Contrasting trim is used most often to protect stair-lift units, panels, balustrades, canopies over the entrances and other surface relief panels are used mainly for Deaf end walls in cutting-row or at waist panels for horizontal cutting. Color in the composition of the facades has been active and taken from any point of view. It serves to identify the role of buildings in building, its own plastics and the tectonics.

Contrasting color combinations nyuansnye or used for accentuation pattern cutting structural walls, painting walls and fences loggia balconies. Often used isolation of the deaf ends of houses or block sections contrast of colors, relief, texture and decorative painting. In the urban composition of such color accents are designed to identify its orientation to the basic architectural dominants in the building. In the composition of the individual home they are used to detect various static role of frontal and lateral load-bearing walls non-structural, as well as to break up large homogeneous besproemnoy surface of the socket walls.