Monastery of San Pere De Rodes

The Monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes is located at Cape Creus, in the mountains of Verdera from where you can enjoy an exceptional view Llanca Bay and Port de la Selva. Over the Monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes are the ruins of the castle of San Salvador de Vereda, and one side are the ruins of the medieval village of Santa Creu de Rodes, the only remaining Romanesque church. The origins of the Monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes date from the first century after Christ and are shrouded in legends that speak of relics of St. Peter and other saints placed in it. It was restored following the publication of the book that made the discovery and analysis of a small briefcase containing recognizable relics of St. Peter the Apostle, which in the year 610 were removed by sea from the city of Rome where they had been revered in the underground crypt (“confession” under the altar) of San Pedro del Vaticano. He never returned. Within a “case” decorated with plates of bone, and wrapped with apron to the measure of Pope Gregory I “The Great” had tiny relics.

Also included inside a portable altar (with inscriptions) to celebrate mass for the religious custodians during the sea crossing, when Rome was seriously threatened by an eastern invasion. Until the discovery of these relics, it was impossible to justify the vast dimensions of the church and monastery, being a very isolated area in the Gulf of Roses, but later there were found several treasures: gold and silver coins, antique tiles ceramics, and even paintings on the walls of Romanesque cloister inferior, unknown until the mid-twentieth century. For a long while to the monastery went from Barcelona to Rosello, an area belonging to France today. Can be reached by car on the monastery road from Port de la Selva Vilajuiga or on foot or by the many paths to reach it. In any event you can enjoy magnificent views. .