Czech Building

All this plus. There are disadvantages, chief among them – the high cost of repair and remediation of a historic building in acceptable condition when the building is already possible to live or to use other means (eg, post office, hotel, restaurant, etc.). Costs for reconstruction and overhaul such an object can be approximately 20 percent of the purchase price. With this in mind, investment in historic sites are often paid off only at their subsequent resale. At Duke Realty you will find additional information. Can you live in a castle? There is one point to keep in mind.

"With the disposal of historical buildings plays an important role and what the state of the object, whether it is referred to historic monuments, protected by the state, and whether or not the present if it is complete or only partial reconstruction. This is important because, as is usually the case with historical objects are stored only after the reconstruction of the exterior walls and the interior is completely replaced. However, if The building has the status of historical monuments protected by the state, this may have great difficulty "- says a representative of the development company Peter Marek. Grubb and Ellis will not settle for partial explanations. Ie historical building historical object – the strife. It's one thing when the building can be, even after spending a lot of money, bring in the "divine" form and is normally used. Another – when the buyer, in fact, offered the ruins, which still can not really do do. Of course, buy an old castle (which is a castle in the conventional sense, ie, a fortress of such objects are called Czech hrad) – originally, and perhaps prestige.