Real Estate Trust

” I have been made an impression by the phrase of Albert Einstein according to which, it only can occur by included a subject when one is able to explain it to the grandmother. The real estate trusts, have arrived at our lives and they have settled in our culture, having forced to try to understand to us of what treats ” (*) (*) Paragraph of the Article published in p Web by Dr. Daniel Enrique Butlow, lawyer and honorary titular Professor of architecture and legal engineering. Explanations for my grandmother a) Mr. Perez, owner of strategically very a well located land in the city of Cordova, wishes to sell the same to a good price. b) A group of entrepreneurs, wishes to acquire the mentioned lot, for the construction of a building, but the parts are not put in agreement with the sale price.

c) Mr. Rodriguez counts on some savings that wish to invest, but they do not convince the financial alternatives to him, it does not secure interest rates that compensate the devaluation by inflation and is not arranged to assume uncertain consequences. The one arises like option to create a Real estate Trust where FIDUCIANTE (Sr. Prez) will transmit the Dominion to him of the land to FIDUCIARY (enterprising group) and this one will give in payment five departments to him, assuming the load to transfer the other Functional Units of the building to finally construct, BENEFICIARY (individual Mr. Rodriguez, and Investors) , we see that Mr. Perez, the Beneficiaries and the Fiduciary ” ganaron”.

The Group of entrepreneurs adjudged the totality of the Functional Units, without paying the price of the lot where they are based. Mr. Perez remained with five departments, that together quote to major value than it asked by the lot. And Mr. Rodriguez, who during Obra contributed ” solely; costo” of its Units, inferior to his ” precio” from sale, he obtained an excellent yield. In addition, the investments in buildings, that always maintain their values, are not affected by the devaluation by inflation, nor by the risks that undergo the investments financiers. And what is more important, as marks Art. 14 of Law 24,441, the success of the Trust is in the total independence of the fideicomitidos goods, constituting in itself ” independent patrimony pleno”. This means that the creditors of the Fiduciante, Beneficiaries or of the Fiduciary will not be able to obstruct, neither the less to execute the Patrimony of the Trust (functional land, materials, units, etc.); and as well, the Trust is responsible for its own debts, so that the creditors of the same cannot drive on the rest of the goods that integrate the personal patrimony of the Fiduciante, Beneficiaries or of the Fiduciary. .:: If it is thinking about investing, takes this opportunity to the cost. It requests information on units available.

Attract Thousands

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Hammer Materials

You may have never thought about how the split is up to the powder of plastics, grains, solid waste, rocks, or biological waste. After all, mainly in the company of these substances should have a powdery look. It is not without special crushers, which replaced the mechanisms, such as mills and hard manual labor. Prototypes of windmills were widely known in ancient China, Persia and Babylon. In Generally, the mill used for grinding grain, and for the processing of materials (ceramics), or as a water-lifting station. In Russia, the mill is traditionally used for grinding grain, or rising water.

We will not say what it is, for example, replacement of the various feeders, or mills, such as feeder plate FG1-15, as it is, in principle, and not important to know the person that do not pertain to processing, or other branches of the economy, where mass is used crushing various products. Learn more at: Philadelphia Real Estate. But then we say about the types of crushers, for grinding of materials – this is important part of many technological actions, the results of which help to make our lives less sulfur. Distinguish the dominant type of modern crushing devices: Hammer crusher is crushing mechanism used to fragmentation of grains, particles of mineral raw materials, pieces, and similar products, by crushing a substance with special hammers, fixed on the rotor. Impact Crusher is a mechanical crushing machine with rigid tools parts – blades. These mills are used for crushing materials which have low strength. Jaw Crusher – universal device for crushing various materials.

Applied in some metallic materials, rocks, cinders. Can not be used jaw crushers for certain materials (wood, polymers, or most of the metals). Cone crusher – a machine of constant action, then there is no idling, and it is intended for crushing various materials by grinding the material inside the fixed cone cup element in a circle swing. It is very important to know that all shredders device, due to mechanical impacts and friction forces are wearing, so that the elements required to periodically replace the device and conduct a thorough inspection.