Virtual Wine Fair

In the 21st century many things have begun to change, no longer received letters, received emails, no longer go to the travel agencies, now bought our flights in the network, no longer we bought films, now we shared ours by Internet, so many and so many things that have changed to our habits and the habits of our companies. The broadband has been one grandsima revolution for the world of the businesses, its form of communication and really for its form to make businesses. For that reason Virtual Wine Fair has created a platform where wine salesmen and buyers can be, and to satisfy its mutual commercial needs. The salesmen (warehouses) have found a window to the world, where to show themselves and to exhibit their products, so that thousands of professionals can accede to their products with a single click. On the contrary, the distributors for sale have access to data bases of products, this way the discovery of new wines with which is facilitated to conquer the local market. , was born like application of a technique from created sale makes hundreds of years, and based on the supply concentration. At the outset they were provincial fairs born in the average age, but ahead national fairs in centuries XVIII and XIX, and at the moment the fairs are international. Virtual Wine Fair has transferred east concept of sale to our days (e-market) and has obtained that producing of all the parts of world they agree in a place common where to facilitate the access to his potential clients and this way to increase the possibilities of the growth of his exports.

All this without having to support a payment of the highest money, as it happens when a warehouse moves a physical fair. This e-market counts with more than ninety expository, originating warehouses of countries like Spain, France, Italy, Argentina, South Africa, Lebanon, Uruguay, etc that complete a listing of more than 500 ready wines to leave to the market, classified by their origin, characteristics and sale price to the distributor. Also we can find in the virtual fair four pavilions but occupied by distributors, companies of packaging, companies of machinery, and denominations of origin who complete the supply of the fair. Virtual Wine Fair is the advance to a change that is approached and that changed to the strategies of sale of the warehouses and the form communication of the same. We want or no, the business arrives by the network, and the sooner we adapt better it will be harvest.