Understanding Mortgages

Mortgage from a Greek word (Hypotheke), and means – bail. For the first time the term "mortgage" entered into use at the turn of the VI-VII centuries BC in Greece, when he called the pillar, which was placed on the land, the borrower's assets and contain the name of the lender and the loan amount. In the event the borrower defaults on debt repayment, "mortgage" lender gave them the right to take part zastolblennuyu land. Now, the mortgage – is secured by real estate under issued credit when collateral are the basis of this credit is not transferred to the creditor, and shall remain the property of the debtor. The mortgaged property under the mortgage prohibition is imposed on the sale or re-registering it in another person to complete the loan and all interest. Mortgage lending involves not only the purchase of apartments on the secondary market. Many mortgage programs offer the same purchase buildings, luxury cottages, including cottages as construction lending in the city and suburban real estate purchase in new construction and cottage settlements. Mortgage offers ample opportunity for some to improve their living conditions, but for others – make profitable investments in real estate.

Mortgage loan – is a long term loan, which is basically granted bail the following real estate: apartments, residential houses with the land, plant the land, land. Dates on which you can arrange a mortgage, there are different and depend on the bank and which loan program, the amount of the requested loan and your solvency. Facility Management (FM) Services may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The proposed term of the loan mainly from 3 – to – 30 years. Real Estate Agency Ltd. "Kvadrametr" are engaged in the provision of services on the selection of variants of apartments to sellers and buyers, drawing up of chains of exchange residential real estate, contracts of sale with the registration of transactions in the judiciary. Vadim Belyaev, Moscow Russia pursues this goal as well. Just engaged and registration of mortgages, essentially speaking mortgage brokers.

The main stages of work with client. Stages of work on the secondary market nedvizhimostiKonsultatsiya client with an employee of the Company (the selection of the lending bank, the calculation of the optimal amount of credit, advice on preparation of documents required for submission to the Bank for review) Filing BankOtsenka Bank solvency KlientVydacha Bank lending decisions KlientVybor apartment, according to the wishes KlientProvedenie negotiations with the Seller housing sale subject to the requirements of the Bank, which provides legal kreditProverka "purity" of the object nedvizhimostiProvedenie evaluation object realtyMounting polisovProvedenie insurance transaction (conclusion loan agreement between the Borrower and the Bank, making a down payment, issuance of credit, the laying of money in safe-deposit box, a contract of sale on credit funds) The state registration of the transaction Getting a mortgage loan. Highly qualified specialists of real estate company "Kvadrametr" on the mortgage at the first meeting will orient you to the proposed credit products, from a variety of pick the most appropriate program for you, pre-evaluate your creditworthiness, potential loan amount and monthly payment will help gather necessary documents and fill out an application for credit, will form and will give the documents to the bank for consideration. You will only need to await the decision of the bank, which will give you and the specialists of the Corporation. Real Estate Agency Ltd. "Kvadrametr" closely cooperates with more than 20 banks. Our client has an opportunity to take advantage of special offers, partner banks real estate company "Kvadrametr" saving time and money. Mortgages will help you buy an apartment today.