Twitter over the past few mestsev was for me, if not a way of life, at least, a necessity, like a morning newspaper. To my impressions of direct communication in Twitter be added daily to familiarize with articles about him in Russian and Western sources. I am interested in how psychological side effects, called 'tweets', as well as trying to solve with the help of marketing or other business objectives. Gradually I built up observations on Twitter and have developed some rules that help me in my work with the microblogging service. For more information see dogecoin. These rules are not universal. To some, they fit, someone – no. But pay attention to them, I advise you all the same, although if only because I speak for a certain part of the audience. 1.

Come on man page on Twitter. Look what is written in a concise summary of microblogging. Lincoln Property is likely to agree. Most of all – it's a couple of words of a biographical nature or declaration principles. In any case, already on the two proposals you make a first impression of the owner of the blog. 2. Fine, if there is a link to the website of the author or his blog on another service. Take the link and spend a minute on the site. Clayton Morris has plenty of information regarding this issue. For I figure this is the best, talking about the person on whose future posts, I'm going to subscribe.

3. Look at the output frequency of the broadcast rights. Personally, I do not like the 'talkers'. Very rarely happens when a person very much, and I it's not annoying. As soon as I can see that the world gives tvitteryanin 20 + daily tweets, I understand that I do with it is hardly on the way: I simply do not have time for him. 3a. Sootvetsvtenno not fill in his many statements strangers tape. Not rush to publish meaningless phrases that describe everyday events. 4. Stay in front of him honest. If you are subscribing to topics of interest to you man, and he subscribes to your message, do not rush to remove it from friends, if he love you 'rasfollovil' (ie no longer be your readers), and wondered why he did it. 5. Be interesting. The best assistant you will become your sincerity and naturalness. There is a lot of people who like what you say and how you talk about it. 5a. Do not turn your microblogging to the collection of foreign citations. Do not let every tweet links. Do not get carried away with the constant talk of the same person – it may offend others. Look in my Twitter